Soul mate Spells

Soul mate Spells

It is more than possible to summon a soul or love mate into your life by doing these potent yet simple rituals that let the universe know exactly of your intention. Some people are surprised to learn that the universe is intelligent and does listen to what is asked for when it’s for their greatest good. Having a loving partner is usually in our best interest, as long as the following prerequisites are met.

For example, if you still have ties to another in some way, this can hold up the arrival of someone new, so in this case you may want to work on gradually letting go of the person with whom it never worked out. Then you’ll be completely ready to try your ritual with much more intention. Let’s go through these conditions and then provide some rituals that send out a message loud and clear!

6 Prerequisites To Finding Your Soul Mate

Before you try to summon your soul mate, we have a list of things you should consider which are prerequisite to finding your soul mate.

1. Make sure all your past relationship hurts are healed first. I’m talking about big issues that may have hurt or scared you in the past. We all have these and it is wise to spend time trying to heal past hurts within and making peace with them before we can move onto a new person.
2. Learn to love yourself. This is a very good one because you will want your new soul mate to love you too. Often we carry issues inside about us; who we are, what we look like and the rest. Try to come to terms with some of these so that you can fully love yourself.
3. Believe that you can be happy. This sounds simple but sometimes we have a sneaking belief that maybe that happy life isn’t for us, especially if we have suffered in the past. Try to imagine having a happy life, living equally with another and letting them in.
4. Letting go of old flames you may be hanging onto, even if only in your dreams. If you can let go of all old loves on that level of romantic relationship, then you will have a void inside that the universe will helpfully fill. The universe hates voids, so go ahead and let go of past loves. You will soon find someone new to come along and replace them.
5. Clean out clutter from your life, simplify things and get prepared. You might want to buy new linen for your bed, or a few pretty objects to go in your house. Prepare, without spending too much, on having a new relationship. Imagine what a new partner might enjoy about your house and give it a good clean out of all old memories.
6. Send out the message you are ready. This is where the rituals (below) come in. Once you have completed the other steps, you are ready to focus with intent on what and who you would like. Try not to have expectations about looks, job or family. But you can be precise about what this person will be like, i.e. kind, funny, loving, putting you first, etc. Now you are ready to send out the message, good luck.

Spell / Ritual For Attracting A Soul Mate

Soul mate Spells

Do not be anxious now that you’re ready and clear to send out your message. We each have quite a few different soul mates that we may or may not meet during life, and there will be one just ready to meet you. You don’t need to do this spell daily, nor even at the new moon, although if you are a witch you may choose to do so. Your intention is a powerful thing and the angels around you will take it seriously and set to work to help you. They will be happy you are finally clear and ready. Please make sure your ritual is happy and relaxed, as desperate energy will actually delay anything happening. Just know inside you that it is working and then it really will be.

Some of the common rituals for setting your intention and summoning a soul mate include the use of candles, spells (or words), bathing, creating a sacred space, incense, salt, roses, bare feet, etc. You can do the spell inside or even outside if you feel drawn to it. create a sacred space where your spell will happen. This is simply a space that is separate from where you do other activities. Make sure it is clean, quiet and ordered. have your equipment set up ready for you, such as candles, incense, lighter, etc, as you don’t want to be getting up to run for things halfway through

Soul mate Spells

some people like to bathe as part of the ritual to prepare their mind and body. This is not necessary but it is nice. You may want to use essential oils like rose essence in the bath, or lavender, something that reminds you of love. Take the time to relax and think upon love and upon what qualities you would like in a partner. go straight to your sacred space or spell setup, and sit for a moment in meditation if you wish.  if you like you could even use romantic flowers if you have some on hand now that the candles are lit, you are ready to state what you wish to the universe, sending out your intention clear and true. You may have a list of qualities like “truthful, kind, athletic, successful, giving,” etc. that you can also use. Here is an example of the spell you might like to say:

Beautiful soul who is my mate. I invite you to come into my life to share with me all things together. We will live happily together and be truthful to one another. I am now ready to meet you and be with you romantically without ties to any others. I’m prepared to be honest and loving, and I know you are too. I am asking for someone who is “mature, generous, funny (insert your wishes).”  I ask the angels to bless this request and send it out to my soul mate who is also ready to meet me. So Be It. You can of course make up your own words, whatever is most honest for you. If you are truly ready, then someone new will enter your life who fulfills your list and is a soul mate. Blessed Be.

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