Money charms and amulets

Money spells and money amulets can be found in all cultures where money is used as a medium of economic exchange. After love spells, and protection spells, spells designed to draw in money, business success, prosperity, and wealth are the most often practiced.

Money charms and amulets

Prof Mama Afuwa – Money charms and amulets

This page is a shortcut providing links to all of money drawing amulets and talismans at the Lucky W Amulet Archive plus complete instructions for some simple, folkloric money-drawing root-work and conjure spells (marked with a *) drawn from “Hoodoo in Theory and Practice”, my online book-in-progress about African-American folk-magic.

I also maintain a web page cataloging amulets and spells for gambling luck for those interested in that subject.

Furthermore, this site hosts the large Lucky Mojo Free Spells Archive compiled from posts that have been made in various occult and magical use-net newsgroups. There is an entire section in that archive devoted to “green” or money magic, from whence the links marked + are derived.

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