Binding Spells – perfect midnight binding love spells

Midnight Binding Love Spells

In the course of magic, Binding Spell is one term that is applied to restrains anyone’s metaphysically or preventing them from doing anything. This is often used for an individual to keep him/her under your influence.

It prevents one to do something wrong as well as encourage to do anything that you want him/her to do. Believe it or not, but binding spells are ruling the world from ancient times. One type of binding spell was used by the queens to keep their husband under influence.

Well, there are sorts of binding spells, some are described below :-

Binding Love Spell

Do you love someone truly?? Does she/he also love you?? There may be a problem related to the society. Don’t worry! Binding Love Spell can help you to keep your love in your favor without taking any risk of society and family.

The love spell works to bind two hearts in a bond that is unbreakable by anyone in the world till they both exists. Cast this love spell and make your life worry-free from all worries.

Material Required for Casting- Binding Love Spell :-

(1) Three white papers

(2) Three black candles

(3) One pen with red ink

(4) A cord (twine)

Method of Casting – Binding Love Spell :-

(1) Place three candles around you, one on left side, second on the right side and the third one must be at your front.

(2) Light the candles in sequence, first light up the right side candle,after that light second candle and at last the middle one.

(3) Take the paper, write your name on the first paper and place it on the right side.

(4) Write the name of your beloved on the second paper and place it on the left side.

(5) Create a circle on the third paper and write both of your names and place this in the middle in front of you.

(6) Look at the right candle and speak these words “As Goes, The Flame, So Goes The Freedom Of My Heart” and extinguish the candle. Collect the paper placed near to this candle and slide under the paper written both of your names.

(7) Look at the left candle and speak these words “Surrender Your Heart With The Death OF The Light” and extinguish the candle. Again collect the paper placed near to this candle and slide this under the paper written both of your names.

(8) Remember the piece of the paper on the top should have written both of your names, the second piece of paper should be written partner name and the bottom paper should have written your name.

(9) Don’t extinguish the middle candle let it burn

(10) Roll the three papers tightly.

(11) Knot this roll by using the cord.

(12) Take the burning candle and drop the hot melted wax on the knot, this will secure the cord to be reopened.

(13) Place the candle again in its place and hold the paper roll with both of your hands.

(14) Scroll the paper by using your both hands, stare the burning candle and speak these words:

“With The Passing Of The Fire Comes The Binding Of This Love. Bind This Love! Bind It Now!”

(15) On completing these words, extinguish the candle

(16) The spell is done. Now keep secure the rolled paper. Your love will be in the bond till the roll is knotted with the cord.

Precautions While Casting- Binding Love Spell :-

(1) Binding Spell for love is one of the most powerful spell. Make sure to follow each step carefully.

(2) The scroll will keep your love in a bond. Keep it secure where none can touch this.

(3) The words to be read should be followed by right pronunciation.

When Binding Love Spell Would Work ??

Next day you will find your love affection for you. Within the next 7 days, your love will bound with you forever or until your keep secure the roll.

Effective Time to Cast Binding Love Spell :

This is the more effective spell and is required to be done at the very special time. The exact time to cast this spell is before the sundown. The whole task takes your fifteen minutes. So schedule your time that the whole task can be done meanwhile the sundown.

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